New Release: 1.0.20160309 (minor point for “Forced Rhubarb”)

  • We were being strict and rejecting HTTP requests that didn’t have “accept” headers… we’ve loosened our grip for now.
  • You can insert documents and if you fancy it, we’ll generate an RFC4122 (v4) compliant UNID for you. How’s about that!
  • When using the /login API call with dodgy credentials, we now reject you in the expected way (i.e. a 401) rather than doing something unseemly.
  • A new field is coming in a later release, and we‘ve added special support for it (exciting).
  • File attachments with commas in their names weren’t being displayed correctly in some admin screens: we are now correctly commaifying them.
  • Random console.log(...); statements, BEGONE!
  • Admin functionality relating to organisations and look-ups. (SSSSH! If I told you more I’d have to kill you).
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