New Release: 1.0.20160216 (minor point for “Forced Rhubarb”)

  • We’ve made back-end changes to simplify cross-domain ajax requests: your API testing and feedback in this area was much appreciated.
  • We’ve had a good old tidy-up, getting rid of some views and screens. For example, why show user roles to super-users when no-one cares? They be gone.
  • A spring clean is one thing, but we also went a little security-mad in this release, tightening some things up—we may have gone too far with this in the past, because whilst we were at it, we found that super-users couldn’t delete their users. Tsk. Deletion now works as one would expect.
  • Domino really tries, but it does not produce the best JSON. We handle its eccentricities a little better now.
  • When viewing collections data in our Database Viewer, you can now click a button to “Reset metadata”, which sounds terribly grown-up.
  • Administrators can update individual organisation subscription levels with a wee click of a thingamy (this only really concerns us, but we’re telling you anyway).
  • Finally, we’ve saved the big news ‘til last: free accounts can make use of our full-text indexes. Huzzah!
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