New Release: 1.0.201508190900

  • LDC Via Lens is all well and good, but now you can edit stuff as well as read it. Oh ho!
  • If you add the magical text '?all' to an API URL when accessing a document, a really rather useful boolean called '__iseditable' is returned in the payload. Splendid: contextually-aware UIs here we come…
  • There have been a few bug squashing expeditions in LDC Towers: the Activity Logs viewer and various screen layouts benefit the most.
  • It can be tricky, getting started with a new platform or API. So to ease the path, we’ve added some demo downloads to the Database Migrator page, with single click migration of sample databases so you can play with this stuff straight-away.
  • The website supporting our IMPORTant endeavours (see what I did there?) has undergone a massive amount of work: we hope you like it (more stuff coming).
  • Documentation for the Java utility errors is in place, and refinement is ongoing.
  • Oh, talking of the Java utility, there’s a new version! More robust error handling, more useful reporting. Nice.
  • An LDC Via application can be made available to any authenticated user, even those from a different organisation, which could be handy.
  • … this adds to other bits of code we added to support our new Dev Hub discussion forum.
  • We tried to standardise our CSS between the website and the application. We almost succeeded.
  • We extended the idle session timeout to twenty minutes.
  • We modified a couple of error messages for clarity.
  • You can now delete fields from collections (data and meta data).
  • … and, and you can add new fields to collections (meta data). 
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