New Release: 1.0.201507011600

  • We fixed a thing so that the thing that returns you things after you delete things in the API works
  • Whilst normal users aren't "super users" (in the strictest sense of the meaning in Via: everyone is super to us of course), they couldn't see all database details -- now they can
  • OH MY GOODNESS BETTY, THE BIG ONE: we added support for full-text indexing and searching!! (no, I don't know who Betty is)
  • So then we also added full-text search to our Lens templates
  • ... and then were on a roll, so we added full-text search to the Discussion, Doc Library, Teamroom and Mail templates
  • We now show you date / time created for users in the users view. At last
  • We hit an obscure bug with complex search queries not returning all results, which was unacceptable. Now made acceptable (we fixed it)
  • The view pager in Lens has had some under-the-hood jiggery-pokery making it BETTER
  • When defining a screen for viewing data in LDC Via Lens, field definitions can now be dragged n dropped around the screen dynamically. MUCH better than specifying numeric order the long way, which was really boring
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