New Release: 1.0.201506040800

  • We updated our swish PDF exporter to use our equally swish corporate font (Raleway).
  • We brought our new offering, LDC Via Lens, into the Raleway fold too!
  • The user screen was displaying emails which was a tad impersonal: now sorted.
  • Deleting a user is now a simpler, tidier process
  • … which means you no longer need to remove accounts in what was an entirely pointless and separate step. We can only apologise for how things used to be.
  • The API key reset button was out of whack. It is now whack.
  • We removed the zip code field from the account screen. No-one needed to see that.
  • We made the registration screen help text helpier.
  • We fixed a bug to do with linking and unlinking super users. It’s not very exciting but Ben is proud of it so we’re giving him that.
  • Are you a SuperUser, a super-user or a super user? Log in and find out.
  • We fixed a logging bug in user name management. Again, not very exciting but we give Matt props this time.
  • Important: all our lovely standard templates are now in same sub-domain as the main application, which is as it should be.
  • Really important: trial accounts now get two databases! How cool is that?
  • We added a “New Database” wizard which is darned useful.
  • Matt was on a roll so then he added a “New Collection” wizard too.
  • We added an “Open As…” button so any database can be viewed within any template.
  • LDC Via Lens: we added admin screens for our new Lens views
  • … so I suppose we should mention that, er, we added “views” to LDC Via Lens
  • There was a bug to do with switching between Settings and Collections in the Database Viewer page. He squashed now!


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