New Release: 1.0.201505051400

  • We added some new metadata for collections (field position, label and key field flag). This is really useful and splendid because... well you'll just have to see.

  • ... Oh OK, we'll tell you: we added a new config-driven application template which uses said meta data to render data the way you want. What about that eh?

  • We want to be more helpful and give you a hand with this stuff, so we've made our welcome email (post-registration) more friendly and useful.

  • We're keen to know how you happened upon our happy offering, so we've added a "how did you hear about us" option to the organisation screen (also asks you this most pertinent of questions when you register).

  • We fixed some alert CSS so it's more suitably alert-y.

  • We fixed an an issue whereby the admin view was being shy about revealing database names.
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