New Release: 1.0.201504231300

  • We've added some pointers to the Database Migrator page so it's even more obvious than ever before what to do. How kind are we?
  • We've updated the version of mongoose used in the tool. No word on what Rikki-Tikki-Tavi thinks of that
  • There was a wee bug-a-boo when searching with regex. That's fixed now, so you can shoot yourself in the foot a myriad other ways before we screw things up for you
  • Rich text. Ah rich text. What a wee pest you are. Minor null value bug fixed!
  • All of our standard templates are now XComponent-ified! Cool.
  • More error handling added to Via's hourly cron job. If time stops, we should be OK.
  • You can now send API keys as URL parameters so you don't have to tinker with your HTTP headers if you don't want to
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