New Beta Release 0.9.2015031191100


In this release we have made the following changes and bug fixes:

  • BUG: Make sure Auto stamp system fields onto documents in all REST methods is working
  • CHANGE: Return URL endpoint of document in response when creating a new document
  • CHANGE: Add message if there are no databases to see on the DB Viewer Page
  • BUG: Fix some typos
  • BUG: Fix bug when searching for dates in a collection
  • CHANGE: Sort results when using /1.0/list REST service
  • CHANGE: Enhance internal price bands
  • BUG: Fix logging when disallowed document insert into a collection
  • BUG: Fix display of dates in Database Viewer to be 24 hour clock
  • CHANGE: Enhance logging for internal reporting requirements
  • CHANGE: Add demo database import options for internal use
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