How do I access the data?


You can either read your data using our web based application, or you can use our full featured API.

Our web based admin interface offers some very simple, yet powerful tools. When you go to the database viewer, you will be presented with a list of all databases that you have access to. When you click on a database it will expand to show all of the "collections" of documents in the database. A collection is a group of documents that have the same form. Each collection will have the count of documents available to you (bearing in mind that document security is being applied so different people will see different counts).

When you click a collection a grid will display that shows all of the documents in the collection. You can page through them, or click on individual documents to view all of the fields, any file attachments and so on. If you are a super user you also get the option to delete individual documents, collections or the entire database.

As a super user you also get the option to modify meta data. This is what describes how each collection works: what data types are in fields including Readers and Authors.

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